Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Migration de dragons - Dragon migration

Voici une illustration que je viens de terminer. Encre, aquarelle et gouache sur un papier aquarelle à grain fin, environ 12 par 22 pouces (30 par 56 centimètres)
Here's an illustration I've just finished. It's ink, watercolour and gouache on hot-pressed watercolour paper, the size is about 12 by 22 inches (30 by 56 cm.)

Mon croquis au crayon
My pencil sketch

Et ma petite étude de couleurs, 2 x 4,5 pouces
My pencil sketch, 2 x 4,5 inches


amanda said...

Awesome! The colors are beautiful and the composition is nicely done! :D

BTW, did you use masking fluid at all? Just curious.

Daniel Potvin said...

Thanks Amanda :-)

I did not use masking fluid on this one. Since I wanted the whole image to be bathed in a yellow tint I first applied a cadmium yellow wash over the entire paper. I then painted the dragons and mountains on top with more sturated colours. To draw the round silhouette of the sun, I cut out a mask in tracing paper and used some coloured pencils and a bit of gouache.